• Thoughts for my next role

    Recently I’ve had a few request by recruiters to connect and talk about opportunities. So I figured this would be a good place to document my thoughts and save myself from a bit of spam mail. I’d like to clarify I’m not really looking for a new role. I like the people I work with […]

  • Home Lab

    In a need to update my skills and being really interested in a ESXI server after my boss talked to me about his setup for a side project we worked on I built a home lab. Mine isn’t anything fancy but it enables me do whatever I want for building and experimenting with little need […]

  • So, what happened?

    I did have intentions to update the site as well as build my own theme for the site, but life happened, all good and fun stuff. Now here are my plans for the new year and this site. Theme Development The past three months have been crazy between my personal life and professional life, and […]

  • The Projects I am most proud of

    There have been a good amount of sites/pages I’ve had the opportunity to work on. My work as the Manager of a Front End Development team allowed me to inject creative ideas into high level meetings as well as empower my team to push creative ideas when working with other teams. Share API This one […]

  • Web or App?

    Every once in a while, when people find out I work as a web developer they like to pitch this idea they have to make money. Some are decent, some bad, and others interesting. It could be an AR/VR idea, social media platform, blog, event management or a handful of other ideas. But typically, they say something along the lines of “I have this idea for an app

  • Let’s Try This Again

    Every time I think I’m going to commit to building this site out and keep it up to date my life gets crazy. It’s time to get back into coding for fun and not just as a mad dash to get whatever project done. Time to put down some goals so I don’t slack off […]