Baby #2

You never really understand how much few time you had until you lose it. I’m about 1.5 month out from my second child coming into the world and time to do what I want is at an all time low. That’s not to seem I’m unhappy, honestly I’m so excited to see who he will become. Right now I’m running on fumes energy level wise. My Bosses’ comment 1+1 is not equal to 2 when it comes to kids is so very true. So time to work on stuff like my our site have again come to a crawl.

My focus is on being a good dad and staying sane. My free time goes into what I want at the time, today I happened to want to write a little blog. Anything else goes into my family and work. I have a responsibility to be a good dad to my oldest with all the baby stuff I can tell he feels a little left out so I make sure to spend quality time with him in the morning and after work. Thankfully for work I have an amazing team that lets me take care of family stuff right now.