Let’s Try This Again

Every time I think I’m going to commit to building this site out and keep it up to date my life gets crazy. It’s time to get back into coding for fun and not just as a mad dash to get whatever project done. Time to put down some goals so I don’t slack off on making this site into something real.

First on a publishing goal, I want to put at least one post out a week. Since this is more personal then professional the posts may be about code, life, current events or whatever I feel like writing about.

Second a real custom theme and brand, I want to build out a theme by the end of the year. I’m a developer I can’t just do something easy like buy a theme to show off my skills

Lastly major projects, the first project I will be doing is moving off of this shared hosting and moving this site and all domains I own to AWS. More projects to come after that point.