So, what happened?

I did have intentions to update the site as well as build my own theme for the site, but life happened, all good and fun stuff. Now here are my plans for the new year and this site.

Theme Development

The past three months have been crazy between my personal life and professional life, and I’ve barely had down time for myself to refocus. With the new year I’m planning to redo my site theme file by the end of February. It will be a bootstrap based theme using WordPress Gutenberg and custom block types as well as the theming features of 6.1 (really like the demo of twenty twenty three). This also could be used in an additional professional theme where a single theme could easily support multiple sub-brands.


Since the craziness has gotten under control I want to get into more posting. More experimenting on new code and documenting those ideas in post to communicate the work I do as well as being able to reference it again.

Project #1

Once I get the theme complete, I will be working on a project that’s been in the back of my mind for the past year or so. Once I have more built, I will have some posts dedicated to explaining the project.